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This website is for use by Astronomical League members only.

This website is currently being developed and should be considered to be in "Beta" test.  In otherwords, the software is stable and close to being available for general use but there are still changes being made from time to time. 

If you are currently a member of an Astronomy League affiliated club, patron member, lifetime member, or a member-at-large you can get an account by visiting URL:

 NOTE -- there is currently a software problem and the form to request an account has been temporarily disabled,

Enter your email address to receive instructions and a link to create an account.  The email address must match with your club’s last roster.  If its not found send a note with your name and your local club name to

If you are having a problem logging in after creating your account please note that many websites let you login with either a username or password. This website does not permit you to do that.  You must login with your username and not your email.